877 714 1509 real or fake email from attnoreply@shipment.co real or fake attdf.shipment.co real or fake


You are so excited and have upgraded or trade in your phone with ATT. Now you need to send your old devise back to AT&T. You have either done your upgrade or tradein online or you do not want to go back to store to return your old devise. You might have received an email with steps to print your shipping label but you have lost it. in this any case you called ATT service center and you get busy tone. You asked call back. You receive call back from 877 714 1509. They take your all detail such as name, email id and passcode on file. Basically you are giving all confidential information so they can access your account. They also ask about old devise’s IMEI number. Now they will process your return label and send you email with button to print your shipping label.

The agent on phone says you need to use this label and drop to USPS. When you open the label, there is no “To” address all are barcode and tracking numbers and agent ask you to use that label and drop to USPS.

Suspicious things

Now the email you got is from attnoreply@shipment.co and when you click on the button to print label is taking you to https://attdf.shipment.co/api/return/label.

both are not ending with att.com

also the phone number from which you get return call is no where listed on AT&T site.

The agent ask you not to give your phone to AT&T store.

these 3 circumstances are enough to think some is not right.


Call to 611 number. It will connect to official agent of AT&T. Ask them if they can send you the return shipping label again for your old devise.

They will verify again all the detail like name, email id, passcode etc.

They will send you an email. The email you should have from AT&T Trade-in Program ATT@att.tradein-program.com.

It will look like seen in below screenshot with your name, confirmation number and address.

Click on “here” link given in this email and it will take you to https://tradein.att.com/trade-in-status.

Provide your name and confirmation number given in this email and it will show you the option on your right side of the screen to print the label.

Surprisingly this is UPS label and not USPS label. If you remember, the previous agent where I got a call back had given me USPS label.

User confirms again with agent if it should be UPS or USPS and agent confirmed it should be UPS.

https://tradein.att.com/trade-in-status is the legit site from AT&T for generating your return shipping label and for tracking the status of your trad in or upgraded devise. Always call to 611 instead of the number you find from google.

This will help you to land your phone in right place and you may not be waiting for your trade in credit which otherwise would have been gone to scammers.

Hope this helps you get the answers such as is attdf.shipment.co is scam or not ?

Please let us know your thoughts in comments below if you face similar situation and how you solved your problem. That will help other people not to get trapped in scams.

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