Free Data Recovery Software for corrupt Hard disk or External Hard drive


You have hard disk or external hard drive or flash drive which is having bad sector or corrupt and whenever you plugin these drives to your computer, it says to scan the drive or it says drive is not accessible. You have very important files stored in this drive and now you are so much worried how to recover these files from this drive.

You have tried multiple ways to recover. There are many software available online which claims to be free and claims to recover the files. Many of them may help you recover 50 MB or 500 MB data from the drive but will ask for huge amount subscription to fetch further data. In this situation you are either clueless or get ready to pay such huge amount and that too is not guarantee that you will get the data.


This happens when you have unplugged the drives without properly ejecting it. Now you wish you could have done one simple step of ejecting the drive safely without plugging it out instantly when not required. Instant unplug corrupt your data and then you may not be able to access your drive at all. So one simple step of couple of clicks worth of Hundreds of thousands of dollar of your data. So always remember to click on bottom right corner of your tray simple click on the up arrow button and click on the flash drive icon. Here select the drive you want to remove safely. A popup will be shown that your drive can now be removed safely.


Now you know the issue and the cause, it is time to explore and find free software which can help you extract data from your corrupt drive with no limitation. I had tried multiple options but finally I found software which has no limitation on the data recovery of MBs or GBs. It is free in true sense and you can donate if you wish and like developer work. It requires little bit developer knowledge and little patience with user interface because it is not wizard driven. You should be familiar with writing command line interface. It looks old fashioned but works like charm and solve the purpose. All you need to do is click on below link and download the software as per your operating system.

Click on the link above and download the TestDisk latest version. It will download zip file to your local. You need to unzip to your local computer. Go to the unzipped folder and look for “testdisk_win.exe” file. It will look like below. Double click on that application.

it will open the black command prompt. Make sure “Create” log file is selected with up or down arrow button and hit enter. Using up or down arrow button, select the drive you want to recover from. In next screen, it will show the partition type. Keep it as is. This is automatically selected as per partition type. Hit enter button. Next screen you will see options as Analyze, Advance etc. use down arrow key on your keyboard and select Advanced.

In next screen, select the partition from where you want data retrieved and make sure you select “List” from bottom options and hit Enter.

Once you hit enter, it will show you the list of files. You can select all files by pressing “a” key. If you want to select specific file click “:” key for the file you want to recover. Now hit “C” (upper case C) to copy the files selected.

Now in next screen, you need to select the destination folder. Use left arrow key to go back and select another drive and folder where you want to past the files and hit Enter. It will start pasting the files.

WooHoo !!! you have now recovered the files you want which you could not do previously !!

If you like this, please share within your groups so other facing such issues can be saved from much hassle !!


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