How to Dry and Preserve Basil

Hello, everyone! In this post, I’ll be showing you a method to dry and preserve the basil. Before you dry the basil, you need to grow the basil. So lets see how to grow the basil.

1. Grow the Basil

This is perfect time to grow the basil in your backyard. It grows very quickly. You need not to put any extra effort to plant basil. All you need to do is to have basil seeds and spread across the open area with good fertile soil. You need to water as required. Within around couple of weeks, you can see the basil plants growing. I have a lot of basil growing this season. If you do not have open ground and soil, you can grow the basil in pot also.

2. Harvesting and Drying the Basil

First, I need to cut and pick some basil. Cut the stems of the basil with few leaves. Do you smell the great aroma? Also Look at these beautiful leaves!! One very important step I like to take is washing it properly with water. I lay down the basil stems with leaves in big water tub and put some extra weight like spoons on top of those so it completely submerge in the water. This helps flush out any bugs that might be lurking in the basil. Some small bugs may pop out, but they are easy to get rid of. After thoroughly washing the basil, strain it in a strainer. Then, arrange all the basil stems in a bunch and use a string to tie them together. These bunches are ready to get hanged. Hanging is easy, just have a rope or wood stick and hang each bunch. Hanging the basil this way allows it to aerate and dry faster. You can keep under the sun or inside the patio whatever you feel better. It also keeps the basil out of the reach of bugs and pests. Trying basil on a surface can cause dampness and mold. After three days, once the basil is dry, it can be broken up into small pieces to add to your spice rack. To do this, untie the basil bunches on a clean surface. You can use plastic gloves because you don’t want to contaminate the basil with oils from your hands. Just crush the leaves by hand. Stems are not required you can trash the stems. This method is perfect for a longer shelf life and to preserve flavor.

3. Storing the Dried Basil

Simply start crushing and breaking up the dried basil leaves, leaving just the stems to discard. Keep working on grinding and breaking up the leaves with your hands. After the leaves are broken up, sift out any remaining large stems. That’s it! That’s all you need to do to dry and store basil. Add the dried basil to a desired glass jar and store it in your kitchen.

Please share your thoughts or ways if you are doing it in a different way. Thanks for reading the article.

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