Whats wrong with “The Diplomat” ?

“The Diplomat” presents a portrayal of the work of US Ambassadors; however, it incorporates fictional elements and deviates from reality in several instances.

Here is a summary of the inaccuracies depicted in the show:

Senate confirmation process: The show neglects to depict the crucial step of Senate confirmation for ambassador appointments, which is a significant aspect of the actual procedure.

Ambassador’s use of military jets: The show portrays ambassadors using military jets, whereas in reality, most ambassadors travel commercially to their posts in order to responsibly utilize taxpayer funds.

Rejoinders and banter: The show’s representation of frequent quick-witted and eloquent speeches deviates from the everyday diplomatic business.

Vogue photo shoot: The abundance of outfits showcased in the show is unrealistic since ambassadors typically do not possess such extensive wardrobes. Additionally, concerns arise regarding the cost of the clothing.

Lavish breakfasts: The depiction of extravagant breakfasts in the ambassador’s residence does not align with the typical habits of real ambassadors.

However, the show does accurately capture certain aspects of the ambassador’s work:

Relationship between the ambassador and the deputy chief of mission (DCM): The dynamics between Kate and her deputy chief of mission accurately reflect the real-life relationship between an ambassador and their second-in-command.

A sprawling staff managing everything: The show accurately represents the fact that ambassadors have a large team to handle various aspects of their work, resulting in a lack of control over their personal lives.

Packed suitcase: The show humorously captures the experience of ambassadors having their suitcases packed by their staff, highlighting the discomfort some ambassadors may feel when others handle their belongings.

Gender dynamics: The show portrays women leaders who observe and learn before making changes, contrasting the territorial approach often associated with male leaders. This positive representation of women in diplomacy is commendable.

Overall, although “The Diplomat” may glamorize certain aspects of the ambassador’s life and deviate from the realities of the job, it still provides entertainment value and has the potential to generate interest in foreign affairs and diplomacy among viewers.

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